Male Model Humpday: The 10 Greatest Male Supermodels

As a supplement to The 25 Greatest Supermodels of the Past 50 Years, Male Model Humpday celebrates the 10 gorgeous men who have risen to the top of the chiseled cheekbone heap to become that rarest of rare birds: the male supermodel. In reality, there only has been one true male supermodel and that's Marcus Scheknenberg, who was discovered rollerskating on the beach by photographer Barry King in 1989 and has been the male model of the past 20-plus years. And most impressively, he survived a season on VH1's hit (?) reality show, The Surreal Life and an affair with Pamela Anderson. If that's not superhuman, I don't know what is.

1. Marcus Schenkenberg

2. Tyson Beckford

3. Mark Vanderloo

4. Tony Ward

5. Michael Bergin

6. Joel West

7. Antonio Sabàto, Jr

8. Alex Lundqvist

9. Brad Kroenig

10. Tyson Ballou

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