The Mandals Scandal: Return of the Teva

Mar 08, 2011 - by Lester Brathwaite

When it comes to sandals, I think they're best worn at the beach or far away from public consumption. When it comes to flip-flops, I think they should just be thrown atop a burning trash heap since that's the only good they'll do anyone. But for some reason, fashion is embracing the Teva, the ugliest men's footwear this side of a fluorescent Croc.

Sally Singer's T Magazine declares that this "multistrapped mid-80s fashion disaster beloved by Deadheads in dreads, is having a moment." There are at least 5 things wrong with that sentence so would it be possible to end this moment before it even starts?

Apparently Lanvin (left Alber, what were you thinking?), Bottega Veneta (center) and Richard Chai (right) all showed them on their spring runways. So with the coming warm weather also comes the threat of seeing people's gross feet on the subway...

The New York City subway...

In flip-flops...

Why not just walk barefoot through a pile of hypodermic needles? It's the same experience. So, gentlemen, before subjecting your feet and the world to Teva torture, perhaps consider a slip-on? An espadrille? A casual man-heel?

Photos: GQ


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