Men Trends: Flower Power

For this edition of MISTER TRENDS  I am covering floral print for men this season. The inspiration for this trend comes from D&Gs S/S 2011 collection. Many men might see a floral print and thin of a very feminine summer dress but the tables have turned and now guys and have some flower power in their closets.

For starters a floral shirt can be done right if done subtle. For instance this PS by Paul Smith shirt is absolutely beautiful but can be worn under any basic sweater or blazer as the pop.

Speaking of sweater this basic black one from Topman with a little floral detail around the neck is perfect for those in between days that Spring can offer.

If you want to go for a bolder look than the bright yellow floral pants that photographer Scott Schuman caught this man in can probably work for you.

Now your accessories can be as bold as can be. Since they are smaller you can wear any basic outfit and throw these floral Ray-Bans on for cool look that is still on trend. I think Dr. Marten shoes are extremely masculine was pleasantly surprised that they offered a whole floral collection for this season and even a few more for fall.

This is a great trend, but make sure not to over kill or youll look like you've been trapped in a bad flower garden.

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