Miami Swim Week Cheat Sheet: Wildfox Swim 2013

Los Angeles brought it's carefree, wild-child spunk to Miami with the Wildfox Swim 2013 show during Miami Swim Week

Seriously, this had to be the most fun and energetic runway show ever. The models, in long bright-colored wigs, blew kisses at guests, gave each other high-fives on the runway and raised their hands in the air to amp up the energy on what was the last day of Swim Week.

Color Palette: Black, white, red, blue, floral

Mood: Carefree

Statement pieces:  The show channeled Austin Powers starting with a Union Jack one-piece swimsuit, go-go boots and a blue wig to create a shagadelic intro. I couldn't get enough of the Wildfox Beatles-inspired sunglasses either (pictured below).

Front Row Name Drops: Scott Disick

Gossip: One of the guests got caught trying to steal extra gift bags from other seats.

Music: Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Were Made for Walking," Flight Facilities' "Foreign Language"

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