Miss Bimbo aka The Simple Life Game

paris-hilton-nude03.jpg Remember those cute little electronic virtual pets called Tamagochi's that everyone and their mother had back in the late 90's.   Well a new generation will let to experience the fun of keeping something digital alive on Miss Bimbo, a new site created to let little girls everywhere discover their inner Paris Hilton.  Instead of feeding your pet, you get to get her bigger breasts. Instead of buying your pet toys, your Bimbo requires the latest fashions. If you ignore your pet it doesn't die, instead your Bimbo just ends up in a marriage with some poor, ugly dude with a week 401k instead of Bimbo man candy Rick Solomon. Okay that last part was a lie, but the rest is pretty accurate.

I strongly suggest Bimbo's everywhere jump on this site, plays it for a couple of days, realize how sad an pathetic you are and then shoot yourselves in the head, seriously.  Can we officially cry for society?

P.S. Can someone make a mens version, Himbo. I've always wanted to virtually slut myself around/live like Colin Farrell.

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