Elite's American beauty, Kat Fonseca, discusses one of her favorite pictures with LOOKBOOKS

Why do you love it? 

I love this picture because its different its tough!

Who took it?

Ben Watts (Art Dept) shot it in NYC.

What were you thinking when it was taken? What direction did the photographer give you?

I was basically thinking about New York, where I was born. Ben wanted me to be me. Basically, he wanted me to act like a Puerto Rican from Washington Heights which was easy enough since I am. No modeling was involved. Ben told me to just go back to when I was a kid.

How long was the shoot?

The shoot didnt take that long really. It was pretty easy.  The only thing I had to do was go to a girl that I knew from my neighborhood. We used to do corn rolls together when I was a kid and the night before I had her braid my hair.

How were you discovered?

I was discovered in New York City while walking with my mom in Union Square it actually turned out to be Gay Pride day  and someone stopped and asked me if I wanted to model. I said "Hell no!" I wanted to be a doctor. But you could see which decision I made. They got me hooked when they said world traveling. Easy as that! But I have to say I'm happy.

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