More Bad News for Heatherette, Macky's Out

macky dugan.jpgHeatherette's technical designer, Macky Dugan, is going out on his own.Macky joined Heatherette nearly five years ago, and has decided to share a studio with designer Sue Stemp.  The move will allow him to work on a new collection called "Macky Dugan" which should be just as over the top as the gems he created for Richie and Traver.

His contributions to the brand won't be forgotten  as his technical expertise helped the label build more sophisticated shapes and complicated patterns - plus that infamous paper pineapple dress which indie Lydia Hearst rocked last year.

"I'm doing menswear," he told, but when they pouted, he quickly amended it to "Unisex! Unisex!"

Seems like another sign of the end of Heatherette clothing, as the brand slims down and focuses on figuring out ways to not lose anymore investors.  We'll always love you boys, so bring out some more goodies for us to spend our cash on.  (I already have the whole Kid Robot collection.)



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