Muse of the World: Diddy Behind 9/11?

Diddy is being sued for conspiring to knock down the twin towers, Kim Kardashian feels betrayed over her nipple and now you can get American Apparel for $1.04

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- Gwyneth Paltrow says people are "so mean" to her. You know what would help? Not being Gwyneth Paltrow. [Huffington Post]

- Diddy is being sued for *dramatic music cue* $1 TRILLION by a psycho lady who claims that, in addition to date raping her and her kids, The Ego Occasionally Known as Sean Combs planned 9/11.  Mo' Money, Mo' Clinically Insane Problems. [Radar]

- Kim Kardashian's mad that W turned her artsy photoshoot into "full f*cking porn." Oh, look who's too good for full f*cking porn all of a sudden. [Popeater]

- Lea T. trannied down to São Paolo Fashion Week andclosed Alexandre Herchcovitch. Also performing runway duty, alleged actor Ashton Kutcher. [Style File]

- Naomi Campbell strips down for British GQ to deliver the "naked truth" on those blood diamonds. I like the literal take on the clothing status of the truth, but why not drive the point home and have her naked drenched in blood and showering herself in diamonds? One word: art. [The Cut]

- No need to worry, everyone, Crystal Renn is still not thin. [Jezebel]

- American Apparel is now as cheap as it looks. After major investor Richard Burkle sold off at least 909,500 shares earlier this month, stock prices are about the price of a pack of gum. Slutty, crotchless gum. [WWD]

- Amy Westcott, the costume designer behind Black Swan, on being "airbrushed from history": "I dont have a publicist working for me, needless to say, and I was avoid any bad press towards the film." Glad to see she's not holding a Rodarte-sized grudge. [Fashionista]

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