Obsession in the Bag: Collina Strada

It's a backpack. No, it's a messenger. No, it's a bucket rucksack of baby soft leather. Well kids, it's everything you want it to be. Constructed in NYC by hand with love by Collina Strada designer Hillary Taymour, she honed in on the details to concoct a bag that's as functional as it is interestingly beautiful. I discovered this bag at the Brooklyn boutique Dear Fieldbinder, where I could not stop playing with it. Here's why:

1. The flap of knife pleats in super soft leather provides dimensional closure over the drawstring top. It's slightly nostalgic, but nothing we've ever really seen.

2. The straps are designed to adjust to you. Pull them up and through, and have one long strap instead of two. Plus the belt buckle offers even more options for length. So it's a messenger or a rucksack, depending on your mood and your needs.

3. Not only does Taymour source for the most luxurious leathers and canvases, she gets them eco-consciously. She's always working to make Collina Strada a sustainable company.

4. And they come in different sizes. Find the size that suits you best.


Where to find them:

CollinaStrada.com - all her bags are on a seasonal SALE!

Find the mini canvas/leather variety at Urban Outfitters online only.

Or go to Dear Fieldbinder @ 198 Smith St in Brooklyn before they're all out.


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