Oprah's Studio Audience Gags on Lea T.'s Private Bits

Lea T. realized every gay boy turned girl's dream when she sat down with Oprah to discuss her struggles and life as a transsexual. But when shown Lea's nude photo from Vogue Paris, O's studio audience seemed a bit...trans fixed.

Oprah's talent for unsettling suburban housewives is unmatched and you can definitely see the discomfort written plainly on the faces featured in 3 out of the 4 reaction shots. The fourth, however, seems to be tickled in some abstract way. Through it all, horizons are broadened and lessons learned.

By sharing her story so publicly, Lea T. continues to bring awareness to gender identity disorder and encourage understanding of transsexualism. So if a few people are unsettled, it's probably for the best. There's an entire world outside of your comfort zone.

Watch the clip below to see pics of Lea as a little boy and hear her bravely describe her fears surrounding her upcoming gender reassignment surgery. Also, girl looks great in a bang.

Link Love: Huffington Post

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