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If you aren't already familiar with his stuff, head immediately over to Rankin's site.  You're bound to find something you recognize (like the shot from Mary Kate and Ashley's Influence  cover), and be unbelievably impressed with his extensive portfolio.  Rankin co-launched Dazed & Confused in '91 with his business partner, Jefferson Hack, and has continued to shake up the photo world ever since.  He's done dozens of famous ad campaigns (from Nike, to Dove, to Jameson), and shot just about every celebrity (Madonna, Heidi Klum, The Rolling Stones, Kate Moss...), but I was impressed the most by his beauty portfolio, a series of creative shots, crazy makeup , and perfect lighting.  Rankin is best known for his intimacy with his subjects, and these up close and personal shots display just that.

SOURCE: Kingdom Of Style

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