Play Date Playsuit

sold out Sheinside playsuit [similiar: 1, 2, 3], Bebe heels [similar: 1, 2, 3] and bracelet, Forever 21 belt, Saressa Designs necklace, Lulus bag, Essie polish "Play Date"

Not my typical-I'm-glowing-lighting shots since we were running around all day prepping for the camping trip and didn't grab these til sunset! It's funny because I know my hair looks 10 times darker but no I did not color it! In fact I am still planning on making it more dimensional with highlights and balyage. Speaking of camping, I am probably still out there right now (because yes I am prepping this post ahead of time for once!) ;) So perhaps I am keeping everyone updated with my IG, but maybe not. I don't think the internet connection is very great in the wild wild west :(

I would like to add a little side note about this playsuit - it is very cute and comfy but definitely made for taller ladies or perhaps a very large bosom ;) I had to pin the straps (which are actually separated into two string straps which makes it look even cuter! But by pinning it, I could not show that detail!) very carefully. Since I plan to wear it again, I will need to take it to the tailor. And alas I am terrible at remembering to get back shots but this romper looks the same in front and back :)

Have a great weekend and I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!