Prada Plays the Part of the Skinny Biotch

Prada pleaded with Barneys for its own private space at the New York-based retailer. But Barneys kindly said no (not their style). So, Prada snatched back all its apparel from Barneys minus shoes and menswear. Really Prada?!

A Barneys spokesperson stated that Prada's decision "stemmed from the unwillingness of Barneys to consider leased departments. Barneys stands by the no vendor leased space still today enabling us to retain our point of view in our stores."

We appreciate your agreeable tone, Barneys. But we see what's really going on here.

Prada doesn't get its way, so it grabs all its toys and calls its mom to go home and sulk. I bet Prada is crying right now.

Hey there Prada, it's okay. You want an ice cream cone?

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