Recession Hits Marc Jacobs


You can no longer purchase Marc Jacobs Collection pieces at his West Village stores. The merchandise in Marc Jacobs's downtown universe did a big do-si-do this weekend to accommodate these penny-pinching times. The Bank Street collection store was turned into a Marc Jacob's men's store, while the kids' store across the street will become a men's-accessories store. The kids' store will take up residence at the old Marc Jacob's men's store on Bleecker Street. Meanwhile, the collection pieces are all getting stuffed into the original collection store on Mercer Street in Soho.

The Fashion Informer reports that a sales rep cited "not enough foot traffic" at the Bank Street collection store as the reason for the shuffling. If Marc Jacobs isn't safe in the recession, who is? But at least he hung on to his prime West Village real estate rather than shutting stores entirely. He has to live up to his title as the 63rd most powerful person in New York City real estate, after all.

At least it's not just us...

via The Cut.

Marc Jacobs Consolidates New York Collection Stores [Fashion Informer via Racked]

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