Rolling in Walter Steiger Platforms

Oh, my new spring shoes! Well, okay, Ive had these for about a month. Just enough time to fall in love with them, stop falling in them, wear them slightly unseasonably, fall in love even deeper, and reflect upon why exactly Walter Steiger is made of pure brilliance.

The Height: Aside from turning me Glamazon (the 4.5 platform puts me at a staggering six feet and change!), it allows me to blow past puddles like its nothing. The feet will never get wet. These kids are resilient.

The Sole: The shape of the outer sole is such that it allows me to roll rather than walk. Its curved ever so slightly at the toe and the heel. This is especially useful on the dance floor as I glide from front to back, and can even stand damn near on point in them.

Next I must try these Walter Steigers that will actually keep me on my toes.

The Color: Electric blue and and orange thats been happily mistaken for red and hot pink bounce off of the shoes. The white keeps it bright.

The Socks: You're right, they're not part of the shoes, but these shoes do appreciate a good socking. These particular Native Americanish socks are from LF. Pairing the luminosity of the platform with the vibrancy of the socks, they don't appear to be fighting one another, but rather teaming up to make something even brighter.

Word of Caution: These shoes take practice. If your foot is not accustomed to a giant platform like this, you'll need a bit of a buffer before you can wear them with absolute confidence. Keep your balance centered so you don't roll an ankle - if you slip to one side, it could take you right down. Don't get discouraged, just hop back up onto your platform horse and ride your sexy strut down to the nearest disco and/or brunch (they work just about anywhere).


But you can't wear them on April 5th - that day is the One Day Without Shoes.


Photography by Tom Mendes

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