Runway Models Consider Going Back To The Books

img_5932sizedWhy do models model? Sure there lies excitement in walking the runways of Bryant Park and scoring an editorial, but let's face it, would any of us go through the hell that models do if the job didn't pay good money? Models certainly don't lead a lonely, exhausting, jet-setting and famished lifestyle for fun and they certainly don't do it for their health! Money is the name of the game, and with the current economic situation earning models half of what they used to pocket! The half-price gig has many models, especially runway models who don't equate to the success of familiar models and celebrity faces in print, reconsidering their careers. With agencies shifting their focus to the commercial model, runway models shift their focus to the perspective of an education. Honestly, why hang onto a dream you've partially lived when you can get an education and a more stable job?

It's awful to see so many dreams deferred, but at least the college campus will be teeming with gorgeous, skinny models! How's that for a reason to attend your early classes!


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