Tavi Gevinson Teaches Jimmy Fallon how to Do the "Bitchface"

If there's one thing that Tavi Gevinson and us have in common, it's that we are both masters of the "Bitchface". The 16-year old fashion blogger taught Jimmy Fallon how to passively aggressively display his aggression through his expressions and it had us in stitches. 

How can you not respect Tavi Gevinson? The 16-year old fashion prodigy has had a successful blog since she was 11 and now she's publishing her own magazine. Last night she went on The Jimmy Fallon Show to promote the debut issue of her new 'zine Rookie Year One and taught Jimmy a thing or two in the process.

Watch the video and take some notes on how to perfect the "Bitchface", which is an expression that Tavi named after the many passive aggressive expressions that teenage girls often have. Jimmy seems to pick up on the technique perfectly, without practice, and he's deemed a true teenage girl.

Now while we were the ones who thought we invented the expression, it's nice to see that everyone can be as judge-y and angst as we are on the regular. Meanwhile we are going to test the technique out on the rest of New York Fashion Week. Wish us luck. In the meantime catch the inside scoop on what the Indie Crew is doing during the fateful NYFW from our perspective at The Daily Back Row

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