The 3 Best Trends from Oslo Fashion Week

We couldnt help but think of Oslo in the Summertime while writing this article. If you have synesthesia, you might think the clothing presented this Oslo Fashion Week looks a lot like that song sounds calm, casual, somewhat futuristic and maybe a little creepy at times. There were plenty of new silhouettes to consider, and some stuck out more than others.

The vibe in Oslo is a little different from the other Fashion Weeks; the styles are more conservative than many (for example, Lakmé Fashion Week). The models are a little thicker-limbed, and some actually smile while walking down the runway.

What, a happy model? Arent you supposed to be sulking right now?

There are also big differences in style between these designers from Norway and those in other parts of Europe. The looks appear more Asian in shape with hard lines, cut-outs and chopped silhouettes. We picked the three most interesting of these new looks to give you a general idea of what new things to expect from the Nordic region. Look through our gallery below to see more examples.

Photos courtesy of Oslo Fashion Week.

* * *

Trend #1: Geometric necklines and collars

A lot of emphasis was put on the neck area this time around. Long, slim Vs and other shapes seem to slim and lengthen the bodies of the models. The effect is futuristic, visually interesting and, at the same time, very elegant.

* * *

Trend #2: Sheer and sexy

The sheer thing has been going on for a while now, and Oslo just cant get enough. It was most commonly seen in tops and sleeves but sometimes in a pair of pants or skirt. The menswear included it in a less-risque fashion.

* * *

Trend #3: Poncho flow

In Norway, it stays pretty cold for most of the year. Sweaters and jackets can get boring, so the stylish opt for ponchos. This was a very common trend, showing up in a variety of different forms from most of the designers.

Along with the occurrence of middle parts, high waists, wide collars and chiffon pants, this contributed to the 70s feel of this Fashion Week.

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