The Sisters Gaga Fashioning a Line of Their Own

Stefani and Natali Germanotta, known  to the world as Lady Gaga and -- in some parts of the world -- Baby Gaga, are  reportedly in talks to launch their own fashion line that will be -- get this -- "relatively normal and wearable." In the Gagaverse, "normal" and "wearable" are always relative, but when the standard is a sheer Mugler bodysuit perched atop a 12-in tranny heel, how normal and wearable can we possibly get?

The idea behind this new fashion adventure is "to remodel the styles of classic icons from the past, for example, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Katherine Hepburn." Well, you can never go wrong with old Hollywood, I always say, and it would be interesting to see Kitty Hep's trouser-loving style translated by someone not really known for wearing pants.

Natali, a Parsons grad, is already outfitting an off-Broadway show and will presumably handle the lion's share of design duties; especially since big sis is stretched thin as it is, what with the demands of being a global phenomenon and all -- something I can identify with (no big deal). Gaga the Younger is rumored to be "coming up with a slew of design options" and rest assured, "everything will have their twist on it."[Grazia Daily, Daily Telegraph]


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