Tiffany Empathizes With Louboutin's Red Sole Battle

Oct 25, 2011 - by Amanda Gabriele

Months ago, Christian Louboutin attempted to sue Yves Saint Laurent over a red shoe with a red sole, saying the red sole is Louboutin's "trademark." While the rest of the world was saying "bitch please," Tiffany & Co stepped forward saying they understand the importance of a signature color and wouldn't want anyone to copy their hallmark baby blue.


"We are enormously pleased that Tiffany has weighed in," Louboutin's lawyer told WWD. "Tiffany has not only agreed with our arguments, but it also put forth arguments that strengthened the case and made the point that the [earlier] decision should be reversed."

But wait, Tiffany hasn't officially chosen a team, they just want to make sure all those color copy cats know where they stand.

"Tiffany is not taking sides in this dispute," Tiffany's lawyer added. "We are only trying to assure that this area of the law is not disturbed by an overbroad decision in the lower court."

What do you think of these trademark color wars?


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