Tim Gunn Joins PETA: Fashion Indie Is FURious!

gunnPETA is like that pushy bully back in middle school who told you that all the cool kids money from their mom's purse. First it's the purse, then it's holiday bake sale and before you know it, you're robbing the Bank of America down the street. Unfortunately for Tim Gunn, peer pressure got the best of him as he is now the new spokesman for decrying the use of rabbit fur in China. What happened to designers with a backbone? Come on people, if your thing is fur, then use fur! Really, I am astounded the PETA actually got to Donna Karan and Giorgio Armani, scaring them away from future fur use. I understand PETA's plight is for the ethical treatment of animals, but their constant public torture is sacrificing the fashion industry. What fur using designers fail to understand that it is impossible for PETA to crush their market. Okay, so the vegan girl down the street might not buy your mink coat, but someone else will! Besides, she probably has more important things to buy...like buy all natural, organic brussel sprout puffs.

So designers, keep a stiff upper lip and don't back down to the threats of PETA, completely ruining your reputation and aesthetic as a designer. Instead of running over the fox for your latest fur coat with a semi, lightly smack it over the head with a brick.

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