Top 3 Trends from Mercedes-Benz Sydney Fashion Week

This years posse of stylish Aussies captivated us with bright colors, clever cut-outs and, as with this summers other Fashion Weeks, a tendency to use formal cuts and silhouettes in casual wear. Their fashion was more edgy than their animals and if you know outback creatures, thats saying a lot.

Prints made this week more interesting than your typical Fashion Week.  They came in all colors (often including the full rainbow) and new designs. Some mimicked spots of sunlight on the surface of water; others bloomed in sections on top of solid backgrounds. Thank goodness for these new fabric flavors! We were starting to get tired of the same old tribal patterns and animal prints.

We thumbed through every look in the Sydney book and picked out the three most common trends. Take a read-through, and keep an eye out for them on the streets.

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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Trend #1: Blazers

The spiffy dame is one of the biggest trends walking down the runways right now. Whether its boatnecks in Austin or preppy old-world glamour in Copenhagen, day-to-day fashion is becoming more elegant and professional. The popularity of high waistlines definitely contributes to this effect.

Blazers were a common sight this Fashion Week. Designers decided to edge them up by making them in saturated colors and bright prints. Pair this with the oh-so-popular asymmetrical collared shirt and you transform into a power bitch on an acid trip, pounding away at hallucinations on the other side of a slowly-cracking glass ceiling.

 * * *

Trend #2: Buttoned Collars

Collars run in the same upper-crust vein as blazers. They are classing up the fashion world like crazy, and for good reason theyre timeless. They have long been cemented into our culture as a symbol of formality, so wearing one will not put you in danger of embarrassment when you look at todays pictures of yourself 20 years from now.

If anything, youll think wow, look at how precocious and mature I was! forgetting that you acted a fool and threw up in that collared shirt on the night that you took that picture.

 * * *

Trend #3: Full-Spectrum Psychedelic Prints

Hippy nomads dominated the runways down under. Bright florals and paisleys battled each other in Rorschach formations against stark black or white backgrounds.

Though the flower children and square suits of the 60s wouldnt have been seen at the same bars with each other in their day, we think the psychedelic/business casual combination is far out. The designers of SFW thought so too, as is apparent by the sheer number of pieces that included both elements. We love the conceptual contrast of these looks. Theyre new, exciting and a great blend of tasteful and wacky. Were excited to see how far designers will take this look, and in what directions they will go.

Take a look through the gallery to see more examples of these trends.

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