Topshop/Topman and Sir Phillip Green Host Celebration for LA Showroom

Tuesday night at the Soho House West Hollywood, owner of Topshop/Topman Sir Phillip Green hosted a star-studded affair for the launch of the private Topshop/Topman showroom on Melrose Avenue. Los Angeles will get their first store come February, but the space on Melrose will accommodate celebrity dressing and appointment-only shopping for the general public. 

Topshop Showroom Los Angeles

Sir Phillip Green has been expanding his British retail chain Topshop/Topman in the United States since his first store opening in New York City back in 2009. Following Chicago last September and Las Vegas in March, Los Angeles is the next city on Green's U.S. takeover. But before the fated day that the official location is to open, Green and his celebrity friends celebrated the opening of an appointment-only showroom on Melrose.

Last Tuesday night at the Soho House West Hollywood Sir Phillip celebrated the Topshop/Topman showroom that will be opening up before their first Los Angeles store at The Grove. Joining him included celebrities such as Britney Spears, Sofia Vergara, Dita Von Tease, Toby McGuire, Isla Fischer, Demi Lovato, Nicole Richie, and Simon Cowell. There was even a mysterious place card on the table labeled just "Kate", but Miss Kate Moss was nowhere to be seen.

Green was mum about where his next U.S. location would lie next, but said he was following his nose. With the Topshop presence in the United States starting to gain momentum, Green has been quoted saying he would open at least 15-20 U.S. locations. Many were surprised that it has taken Topshop this long to get to Los Angeles, so speculation as to where the retailer ends up next is more of a mystery. With Topshop now located in the United States' three major cities, it's time for some of the lesser locations to get some British loving.

With the rousing success of the showroom opening party, our excitement can only grow as to what famous faces we will see at The Grove come February. Reportedly, there were already 200 emails and phone calls trying to make appointments at the showroom before it even opened, meaning the store opening in February is projected to be massive. And with Sir Phillip having a bevy of famous friends in Los Angeles to draw from for the official opening, you can bet some hardcore Topshop fans will start camping out now because this is something you're not going to want to miss.

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