Versace Making a Comeback to H&M

If you exercised a degree of sanity and sat out the shopping shitshow that was Versace x H&M over the weekend, your sagacity might pay off after all. Beginning January 19, Donatella Versace has designed a spring pre-collection to go on sale in countries where H&M offers e-commerce, including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. No word yet on America, but there's always the completely unreasonable option of eBay

Versace for H&M proved a retail juggernaut with lines wrapped around H&Ms around the world, the H&M website pulling a Target website and crashing last Thursday -- it's not up as of this post's publication, FYI --  and items flying off the rack in minutes.  With an online-only collection, at least one can avoid the shoving and the pushing and the elbowing of overzealous shoppers -- sorry, by the way, to that little girl I elbowed in the eye last Friday but there was a bustier with my editor's name on it.  [WWD]

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