Victoria Beckham Expands Into Luxury Eyewear

Posh Beckham is expanding her fashion empire into very fancy eyewear.  Including details like diamond faceted "V" logos and pearl oyster linings, find out why the designer decided to design these elegant accessories. 


Beckham told WWD I do need to wear glasses [but] I havent found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like. Ive always been quite self-conscious [about this], so thats why Ive decided to do them myself.  I will be wearing my glasses now, and it will be nice to see where I will be going for once.

And leave it to Posh Spice to make the fanciest glasses ever; each $410 pair survives through 4 weeks of production and 37 different steps to assembly.  The six piece, Italian made collection comes in three colorways ranging between black, tortoise, topaz, yellow, and forest green, plus you'll be able to find them in a range of lightweight aviators to a heavy acetate rectangles (the preferred style that Mr. and Mrs. Bechkam wear).  Hitting stores this January, be sure to save up some of your holiday money to splurge on a pair this winter.

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