Viktor & Rolf Aftershave Mistaken for Grenade at Airport Security

Alert Homeland Security, Viktor & Rolf are terrorizing TSA agents in Scotland. The design duo is known for the menacing packaging of their fragrances, but a grenade shaped bottle of Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb  aftershave caused a full-on terror threat to an unsuspecting tourist at the Edinburgh airport.

Unassuming tourist Jimmy Ho was flying back to London after a vacation with his friends when airport security surrounded him because of a suspicious item in his carry-on bag. The terrified passenger was clueless when airport security questioned him as to why he had a grenade in his luggage, until he realized it was just his fragrance. Airport Security tested his aftershave for hours while all Jimmy could do is wait for his innocence to be confirmed.

With the 2012 Olympics mid way, airport security has been amped up and it's reassuring to see it's catching things like this. The surprised traveler is happy security caught that type of thing and regrets his oversight of putting something grenade-shaped in his bag.

He admits, "Thinking back now, I guess it was really silly and I think the design of the bottle is really bad considering. I guess at the end of the day it is an airport and it's a good thing that they do all these checks."

And after all is said and done, another beauty product terrorist has been put to rest, all while the rest of the citizens of London remain safe from the perfumed security threats of ingrown hair prevention.

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