Warmth Is Where The Heart Is

Love is in the air, and there is nothing I love more than jewelry. In the spirit of Valentines Day, I dug deep into my jewelry arsenal to pull out my favorite hearts, which I heart. These pieces all have a deep meaning and sentimental value. My advice is to always wear your heart on your sleeve as well as around your neck. After all, when you don a piece you hold near and dear, it helps you shine and sparkle even more!

(From Left to Right, counter clockwise)

- My diamond heart belonged to my Aunt Libby, who passed away. She always called me her heart. I usually wear it with shorter, layered diamond necklaces. Multiplying sparkle and shine during the day works, as long as its with delicate pieces.

- I have collected heart charms since I was a little girl. These are from my Mom, Aunt, Dad and a flea market. I will string them on a thin chain to wear in a cluster all at once for a bold look.

- This engraved gold heard belonged to my Great Grandmother. Her birthday is marked with a tiny diamond on the front. I have never seen another piece quite like this. Its unique design with intricate detail make this one of my favorite heirlooms (p.s. - it has a pin back as well).

- One of my favorite movies of ALL TIME, is Dont Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead. I had this quote etched on a heart on a long chain. It's fun - and so me!

Article by Bluefly at FlyAndMighty.com.

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