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D&G Runway to Fifi 

Susie Bubble better watch her back. Another devoted clothes whore is making her mark with a series of web posts of herself wearing the hottest runway fashions. Of course this bit of competition is a bunny and illustrated.

Welcome to the fantastical world of Fifi Lapin, our newest style addiction, and fashion icon. One of 257 brothers and sisters Fifi's life began ready for struggle vying for a top spot amongst the hearts of her rapidly growing family.  But tragedy struck home when all of her siblings were wiped out by an outbreak of myxamatosis (some believe Fifi was to blame since she was the only one who survived, but that's just speculative since forensics are still a bit behind in the mythical bunny world).


Fifi in Karen Walker


"My parents are therefore incredibly protective of me and spoil me rotten. I'm an haress to my fathers fortune which he made playing fast and loose with carrot and lettuce shares on the international stock market. There are a lot of rabbits out there so I guess he just struck gold (or orange you might say). Some people think Im just a socialite but I think there is more to me than just an extremely stylish clotheshorse!" says Fifi.

All in all the girl has got style. Whether hoping the streets in Karan Walker or hitting her favorite carrot bar in Marc Jacobs, this bunny can shop.


Do you know who designed this piece for Fifi? 

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