What to Wear to Make You a Streetstyle Star

Sep 06, 2011 - by Lester Brathwaite

There are three occasions I look forward to, in terms of getting dressed. First and foremost, is my annual gaycation to Provincetown, during which the booty shorts cum denim panties too risqué for even Chelsea and the sequined leggings too "say-something" for a work look are paraded about on a daily basis. More recently, I've gotten into Halloween just for another excuse to wear a heel. And then of course, there is Fashion Week. It's a battlefield out there; survival of the chicest. The ante has been further upped by the explosion of photoseekers running around, snapping pics of the best-dressed stomping in and out of shows. So how do you catwalk in front of the lens and into the hearts of the new social anthropologist -- the streetstyle blogger? Here are 5 looks to get you noticed.


FashionIndie's own Jessica Lapidos captured during last Fashion Week by NY Mag

Go East, Young Tran!

Go East, Young Tran

Asia is booming! With many designers flocking to the Far East not only for business but inspiration, why not give a knowing wink to the Orient with this look, featuring a Boudicca cape, cropped McQ jersey harem pants and of course, what Asian sensation is complete without a little Hello Kitty?

It Girl About Town

It Girl About Town

"It" girls come and go with the seasons, but with summer on its last legs, you can still show off yours. A shirtdress, like this Proenza Schouler number, belted and piled with a variety of statements, such as these kickass Miu Miu pumps, Betsey Johnson earrings and Alexander Wang clutch is young -- "It" is youth and beauty, darlings -- with just the right amount of gilded "get outta my way" glamour.

Smoking Room

Smoking Room

Le Smoking, besides being timelessly chic, gives off an air of power. This Alexander McQueen "tuxedo-all-in-one" jumpsuit paired with an Antonio Berardi jacket is all business up front,  but accessorizing with Brian Atwood's leopard-print calf hair pumps and Proenza's PS1 bag add a little party to the back.

The Edge of Gaga

Edge of Gaga

You may not have access to the vast Versace archives like the Lady, but that doesn't mean you can't take a page out of her playbook. After all, who's better at garnering attention than one Mr. Jo Calderone Germanotta? This Versace motorcross jacket over a  Marc Jacobs bustier with McQueen leggings and a pair of highly enviable Lanvin court wedges will have the photogs Gagging in the streets.

G's Up for a Fashion Hoedown

G's Up for a Fashion Hoedown

Today's fierceness is brough to you by the letter "G." Let's see we have a Givenchy duchesse satin pencil skirt and hilarious cat hat; a Gareth Pugh sleeveless tee; Giuseppe Zanotti wedges; Giamabattista Valli cardy; and a Gucci clutch. This Fashion Week, "G" will stand for "Go Head Girlfriend!"

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