What to Wear When Dating a Twihard?

Everyone has a fetish. With the new release of Eclipse, the Twilight fetish is taking over. Everything vampire themed is suddenly very popular. If you go on a date with a Twilight lover, known as a Twihard, choosing an outfit might be difficult. Lucky for you, Im here to help.

First and foremost, vampires are very classic dressers. This means that your Twihard most likely wont appreciate the newest Hervé Léger dress. Hes probably going to want you to dress like a character in the movie to make his fantasy become a reality.

The Pants

To impress your Twihard, I recommend wearing jeans. Theyre simple and safe. Not only are they comfortable, but everyone wears jeans. Even Bella. My favorite brand of jeans is J Brand. Their jeans are flattering and are pretty reasonably priced.

$159 at  Shopbop

If you wear these jeans, your Twihard is sure to be va-va-voomed!

The Top

A tank-top works well with jeans and is sure to be appreciated by your Twihard. This Alexander Wang tank top is my newest favorite. Its plain, but is accentuated with leather. It isnt something that Bella would wear, but its a little more exciting. In my opinion, leather is uber sexy. Besides, who doesnt love a little leather every so often?

$375 at Shopbop.

The Shoes

If you want to really channel Bella, leave your heels at home and buy a pair of sneakers. I like this pair by Alice + Olivia. Not only are they sparkly so you dont feel like a complete fashion dud, but theyre also cheap! How can you beat that?

$88 at Shopbop

So, now that you know what to wear to impress your Twihard, get out there and go shopping. The worst thing that can happen will be hell turn out to be a complete freak. But at least youll have a few new items to spice up your wardrobe!

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