Who Killed Apollo Braun?


Designer Doron Braunshtein, a.k.a. Apollo Braun, has once again pushed the limits of taste with his "Who Killed Obama?" sweatshirt.  While the message is meant"shocking" (I'm not sure if purposefully making something shocking still counts as shocking these days.)  what's really gonna send your system in a tailspin is the low, low price of these $129 sweatshirts, which is totally worth the price if you consider the high costs of screenprinting in a single color these days.

Braunshtein, who describes himself as "very punk rock," says his message is one of love, not of assassination [NY Press]. Though he worries, "Could you imagine if Obama were killed? They might blame me. Then I'd be taken to jail and have to have prison sex."

Let's all hope no such thing comes to pass for fear that thoughts of this dude in prison might warrant some "OZ" episode flashbacks.

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