Why Are Blake Lively & Leo DiCaprio on a Boat Together?

Could it be that Leonardo DiCaprio swooned upon seeing Blake Lively's red hair because it reminded him of Kate Winslet circa Titanic? Does he want to recreate those magical moments with her on a boat in France minus the pain and suffering of drowning in the ice-cold Atlantic? Who really knows what's going on at this point, but this is not the first time Lively and DiCaprio have been seen together. Check out the photo of them off the coast of Cannes after the jump.

Although never seen completely alone together, everyone is wondering what these two hot Hollywood stars are doing spending so much time with one another.


I guess only time will tell what's really going on, but we can have fun speculating for now. I vote that this is a complete recreation of Titanic, but that's me. What do you think about the possibility of love blossoming between these two?


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