Why TOMS is the New Willy Wonka & How You Can Get a Golden Ticket

You thought it was cool enough that when you buy a pair of shoes, TOMS gives one to a child in need, eh? Well, as of today TOMS is giving back to you, too. Each week, one lucky customer is plucked out of oblivion to accompany TOMS Shoes on their next shoe drop. This means traveling to a remote place in the world, and bestowing happiness (and safe walking conditions) via shoes upon hundreds and hundreds of children. So, it's like getting to give to get to give. There's a lot of tricky math in there, but it may very well end up with you and Willy Wonka Blake Mycoskie (TOMS founder and Chief Shoe Giver - yes, that's his official title) bound for an adventure to save the world!

The first winners will be alerted by thee CSG in person.

So if you don't go buy a pair of TOMS right now I'll have no choice but to start singing.

Here it comes.

I want the world. I want the whole world! I want to lock it all up in my pocket, it's my pair of modernized traditional Argentinian shoes to give to children! Give it to them! Now!

Went rogue there. I like to think of myself more as a Charlie than a Veruca.

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