16 Models are Winking from the Cover of i-D Magazine

The fall issue of i-D Magazine has not one, but sixteen covers that feature one-eyed supermodels flirting at us from the front cover. This season's theme is based around "role models" and everyone need someone else to look up too. Thankfully we now have 16. 

We all felt the era of the supermodel was over and gone with the 1990s. Do you remember the days when models were actually on the covers of magazines and starred along with rockstars and celebrities in music videos?  Thankfully, i-D Magazine is creating a supermodel revival. The magazine is featuring not one, but sixteen supermodels on the covers for the fall edition of their magazine. And guess what? We couldn't be happier.

The covers are separated into different groupings, the first 9 were photographed by Daniele Durella and Iango Henzi. The duo shot the covers of i-D Magazine and feature supermodels like Giselle Bündchen and Karen Elson.

They are accompanied by a set of four covers shot by Emma Summerton featuring Jordan Dunn, Candice Huffine, Iselin Steiro, and Aymeline Valade all wearing the same voluminous blonde wig.

All of the covers have the underlying theme of "graceful" and each supermodel gazes into the camera with only one eye open. When it comes to fashion magazines, we love ourselves some extra covers to browse through and luckily this season with i-D we have 16. Be sure to flip through the remaining 15 images and we'll be debating throughout today which is out favorite, but it's almost too hard to choose.



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