You'd Raid Anna Dello Russo's Closet, but Who's Would She Raid?

Though you'd probably want to raid the closets of designers, models and Anna Dello Russo. But who's closets would they dig into if they had the chance?

Anna Dello Russo: Carine Roitfeld

Gretchen Jones: Diane Kruger

Titania Inglis: Tilda Swinton

Jay McCarroll: Honey Boo Boo Child - just this week though.

Jennine Tamm of IFB: Anna Dello Russo

Jeffrey Costello: Winona Ryder. Note, Robert Tagliapietra did NOT say that.

Mickey Boardman: Stella McCartney and always Bob Mackie for all the old Cher costumes

Mazdack Razzi, head of MILK Studios: Rag & Bone guys or Billy Reid

Tyson Beckford: George Clooney

Erin O'Conner, model:  Zac Posen for the best suits in the world.

Personally, I'd love a romp through Lady Gaga's storage bins. Who's closet would YOU raid if you could?

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