Things We Love

Why Some Items Are Worth the Wait

I’m all for trends, but let’s be a little creative about it, people. Fashion should be anything but lazy. It’s a great thing to see something and it inspire you, but not such a great thing to see something so...more

The Perfect Pair- Finally Found

I've found it. I've found the perfect pair of jeans. The ultimate slouch. The zips on the side. The ultimate marriage of my favorite boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans .more

Shaped In Simplicity

The best things in life come shaped in simplicity. A light tee, some ripped leather trousers and a stroll through one of my favorite places in Switzerland : the old city of Zürich.more

The Joy of Your First Céline Bag

In preparation for fashion month always goes a little shopping session that I highly appreciate hehe. And therefore… I got my very first Céline bag that I simply can’t get over with.more

OOTD: Midtown Cool

When I pulled these babies on and realized they were leggings too I was ecstatic. They fit so well! It can be hard to sell me on jeans but I’m so sold on this pair.more

What to Wear to Beat the Santa Monica Heat

Putting together an outfit wasn’t that difficult despite the fact that layers were definitely not an option, luckily I packed this comfy romper that’s worth all the tan lines it left behind.more

Bold, Creamy Neons

This isn't exactly the color I would call out if you asked me what my favorite color was. But for some reason, I am so very into it. It's one of those ballsy choices that you're nervous about until you...more

Summer Black

For some reason, wearing all black during the summer seems a lot more exciting than fall/winter. It just seems more crisp, contrasting that much more against bright colors and hot sun.more

Late Afternoon Parisian Glamour

I wore this beautiful V Label dress and some Alexander Wang heels before dinner time. Feeling all glamorous in late afternoon Paris…more

What to Wear to Your Friends Wedding: A Festival Inspired Look

Part three in my “what would you wear to a friend’s wedding” campaign with ASOS: this festival inspired, pretty unconventional look. But hey, we all have different friends and lifestyles.more