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Jeremy Kost is at San Paulo Fashion Week. First Stop Herchcovich.


Go to Hella Shuella!

Just when I thought rain-boots was the lowest anyone could stoop, I found these: The Shuella. They are exactly what they sound like, umbrellas for your shoes. But really, if...more

NY Fashion Week: Alexandre Herchcovitch

[gallery] We've all got a little war in us. With his military details inspired by nations in political conflict, Alexandre Herchovitch's Spring 2009 collection has got a little more war...more

Runway: Alexandre Herchcovitch, Spring 09

    Alexandre Herchovitch's Spring 09 collection hit the runway during Sao Paulo fashion week in style. As models stole the runway sunglasses were the constant that completed each look....more

Sneak Peak: Alexandre Herchcovitch

Along with designing Bandaid's,  Alexandre Herchcovitch showcased his S/S collection reclaiming his territory on the runways of São Paulo Fashion Week. Herchcovitch's menswear collection married tapestry print designs with references...more

Street Hero: NY Fashion Week Day One & Two

What a f*cking whirlwind it's been!!! So I started this NY Fashion Week a bit unexcited. Heatherette was out. Marc seemed to be missing. And the only thing remotely interesting...more