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Mommy Dearest Sports a Pink Beehive for Allure's October Issue

Model Maryna Linchuk is far from your typical housewife in a past-meets-future spread for the October 2012 issue of Allure Magazine. Shot by Greg Kadel, Linchuk plays the role of...more

Spring Hair Survival: Revive & Refresh

Note The Nudity: Karlie Kloss, Mario Testino, And Other Inappropriate Comments

Let's just say that Karlie Kloss posing almost in the nude for Allure Magazine's October 2011 issue (keyword almost) is really stirring things up- Especially with Fashion Copious' quote "No...more

11 Sexy Summer Lip Glosses to Perfect Your Pout

Bright lipstick has been so happening this summer, we almost forgot about our good friend lip gloss. Perfect for bold, smokey eyes, chilling by the pool or a low-maintenance work...more

Spanx Sightings: The Skinny on Skinny Celebrities

Pink & Red Love Lust For Allure Magazine February 2011

It might be a little cliche, but then again so is love and with all these February love-filled issues hitting all the new stands it's kind of hard to not...more

Indie Beauty Tip: How To Create Your Perfect Winter Glow

We get it you're a total fashionista, you live, breath, and whatever else you do for fashion, but seriously with every  outfit your make up and complection have everything to...more

Forget About Audrey Hepburn, Who's Your Beauty Icon?

Ask any female celebrity, "Who's your beauty icon?" and she'll likely answer Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe. But while those three classic beauties might be the most obvious...more

Bugs, Foreskin, and Caviar In and Around Your Mouth

Take note of the grodiest products used to make your favorite beauty products... I'm seriously reconsidering my red lipstick for tonight now... Baby Foreskin They're after your wee foreskin, baby...more

10 Wicked Make Up Shades For Everyone

Who says you have to wait for new seasons to change up your look, change your look everyday if it makes you happy... starting with your makeup! From turquoise eye...more