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Frank Ocean and Karl Lagerfeld Kick-it In Paris

It was only a matter of time before singer Frank Ocean caught on to the fashion world. Adding himself to the list of Karl Lagerfeld's boy-toys, the pair hung out...more

Eleanor Lambert, Godmother of American Fashion

Simply put, without Eleanor Lambert there would be no American fashion industry. At least not the multi-billion dollar, obsessively publicized, obsessively scrutinized and obsessively obsessed over entity which we know...more

Brunch Bytes: Week of July 2nd-6th

The best bits you may have missed on FashionIndie this week including the hautest couture week in ages, some high-fashion porn and celebrating a true icon with her most shitfaced shenanigans.  [caption...more

Anja Rubik Takes Us on a Sensual Journey Through Kanye West's Mind [NSFW] [VIDEO]

Who doesn't love a good fashion friendship? When those hostile stares from across the runway become polite air kisses in crowded bathroom stalls become shopping trips to Paris and eventually...more

Dress Marcs the Spot for Jacobs, Alessandra Ambrosio Births a Boy and Maurice Sendak Now Where the Dead Things Are

- Anja Rubik's bony thigh is quickly replacing Angelina Jolie's bony leg at the viral appendage of the moment. [Refinery29] - Marc Jacobs apparently raided my fantasy wardrobe for the lace dress he wore...more

Google's Glasses Gaze into the Future, Kanye Returns to Day Job and Beyoncé's Inaugural Tweet

- The NYPD must be working overtime...or just be really bored -- who are we kidding, it's the latter. A few months ago a man stole a jacket from a John...more

QUEL SCANDALE! Club Owner Defends Honor of Supermodels, Beats Up Prince of Monaco

This delicious little story is like something out of Gatsby -- if The Great Gatsby was kind of trashy and a bit of a douchbag. We've got a bevy of...more

Emmanuelle Alt Wants You to Wake Her Up Before You Go-Go

Jitterbug. Emmanuelle Alt has finally made me not long for the kohl-eyed, pencil-skirted days of Carine Roitfeld and all it took was a few dozen models or so in a...more

Victoria's Secret's High-End Designer Line Launched Yesterday, Almost Already Sold Out

I know, when you think high-end you immediately think the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Nothing says refinement like some plastic wings on a model wearing nothing but a bra and...more

Karl by Karl Lagerfeld Debuts First Look

A month before his new "ironik, artistik and akcesible" kollection arrives exclusively online, Karl Lagerfeld has unveiled the first image from his Karl line. Saskia de Brauw models a skinny...more