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Life is Cheaper When You're Anorexic

Don't you ever wonder how celebrities stay MKO status skinny? Surprisingly, it's not lines and lines of coke. It's a diet pill by the name of Phentermine... It is approved...more

The Image Ralph Lauren Doesn't Want You To See

Ralph Lauren's legal team is in full gear, threatening online publishers for displaying the American designers latest photoshop disaster. We've got the image for you right after the jump. There's...more

Featured Photographer: Ivonne Thein's "Thirty-Two Kilos"

The most common reaction to Ivonne Thein's photos is horror. The women in them are emaciated, wrapped in medical bandages and contorted. Hipbones, elbows and shoulder blades jut out as...more

I Told You So!

I wrote an article just yesterday about how public anorexia and eating disorders have become. Well here is a link to prove it. Buzzfeed is featuring this video today about...more

Thinspiration Goes Social

Anorexia is coming to the light as a major social problem again. There have always been websites that hosted pro-anorexia groups, clubs and pacts, but the new issue is that...more

Coco Rocha Wants You to Look Anorexic

"The look this year is anorexia, and even though we don’t want you to be anorexic, we want you to look it," - Coco Rocha loves oxymorons. Do you? Check...more

The Bat Mitzvah Money Is Being Spent On Everything But Food

Sorry ladies, but it's not the kosher diet that is keeping all the Jewish girls stick thin. Apparently, the biggest epidemic in the Jewish community is anorexia. The original thought...more

TrendSpark: The Chest Bone

Yes skinny is in, duh, but now, all we've been hearing about is the chest bone. Last year it was all about the clavicle, but now, judgment will be upon...more

Prepare Yourselves, More Anorexics to Hit the Runways

Fashionista has just reported that London Fashion Week has changed their mind. Last week, LFW rescinded its pledge to reject Size Zero models from its catwalks after Milan, Paris, and...more

You Might Be an Ano

If mosquitoes mistake your tits for spots their buddies already visited, you might be an ano. Another day, another spread featuring ultra thin models. This time it's a spread by...more