Things We Love

Miami Swim Week- Wildfox Recap

the Wildfox show-- which is always my favorite show-- was nothing short of amazing. it was fun, light hearted and filled with pastels, florals and flirty sayings!more

Summer Bolds to Keep You Walking on Sunshine

I think the only thing brighter than this block was my neon sweater, printed shorts and green bag - because you know, why stop at one bold color in Summer, right?more

Making A Statement at MBFWSwim In A Neon Maxi

Nothing makes a statement like a neon maxi, so when I came across this killer number I knew Swim Week would be the perfect debut – the perfect pairing of fashion + comfort.more

The Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Into A Trend

When a trend emerges that I find myself drawn to & interested in trying out, I always ask myself three questions before taking the plungemore

Black, Red & Gold For the World Cup

In anticipation of Germany’s victory, and with tons of hope, Lisa and I proudly dressed up for the game in Germany gear: I in colors, black, red and gold.more

Feeling Blue

I’ve been noticing lately a blueish hue taking over everything from my wardrobe to my Instagram feed (though that probably has to do with my new obsession with the Hudson filter).more

The Key to A Perfect Day

The place was magic, vintage van, chester sofa in the middle of nowhere, balloons, hammocks, retro fridge, vintage bottles... that made it the perfect location for non stop taking awesome pictures like these one I show you today.more


I'm a big fan of Breaking Bad TV Show so when I saw this "Heisenberg" top on ASOS has to be mine, it's awesomemore

The Keys of a Clean Summer Look

I wanted to prove to you with today’s outfit that you can also rock this look a lot more laid-back, with a t-shirt instead of a dress-shirt and a few splashes of yellow on the shoes and in the belt.more

Mum Shorts

These bermudas remind me of those kind of shorts, you know the ones, they’re even elasticated at the back, but sticking to a fitted tank and adding the waist belt gives everything a sleek, tailored feel.more