Things We Love

The Boyfriend Sweater

I had that 'nothing to wear' moment, at least I thought so, as we girls always do, even with the closet full with clothes. Good thing that some of us have their boyfriend wardrobe to plunder!more

One Spray to Instant Hydration

These days I’m really into fresh, dewy looking skin. There’s just something about being and LOOKING moisturized that’s just a win. People take notice that’s for sure.more

Nordstrom Rack Comes to Brooklyn

The store is huge (33,000-square-feet!) and full of amazing merchandise. It's the perfect destination to take a few friends and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and shop 'til you drop!more

A Fun Way to Layer Jumpers for Fall

I remember a few years back I realized bloggers freeze a bit for outfit photos in the cold (unless every outfit has a jacket in it), and this was taste #1. It went a little bit like this... "shoot! did...more

Discussing Winter Essentials: Parkas & Winterized Shoes

For me a parka is my main go-to jacket during winter when it’s really cold and second is a leather jacket. Now for my feet, it’s important to have shoes that aren’t rain boots (I just don’t), but shoes that...more

How to Wear the Leather Shirt-Dress Year Round

If you thought shirt dresses were meant to be worn during hot, summer days only, think again..Made in a little bit more fall and winter appropriate materials, paired with some cute tights and a warm coat, they can actually be...more

Breaking the Rules of the Blazer

Forget the “rules” you’ve learned about wearing a blazer and wear it the way your parents would never want you to. That is, with an oversized scoop neck sweater and baggy trousers rolled all the way up to show off...more

Eiffel Tower on my denim

This denim shirt is by Pepaloves (of course) and is no exception for how cute their fall/winter pieces are! It has Eiffel towers all over it! I paired a velvet...more

#OOTD: Mirrored Patterns

It's no secret how much I am loving floral print lately. I fell in love with this mirrored pattern right away, and the embossed fabric is fantastic!more

6 Easy Steps to Holiday Glam Curls

Since the holidays are just around the corner, I wanted to focus on a hairstyle that is ideal for all those upcoming parties & events you'll be attending. These voluminous curls are full of shine and would be the perfect...more