Things We Love

The Classic Black Suit Every Man Needs In His Closet

I can’t believe that I didn’t have a well-fitting, classic black suit in my closet before this beaut from bar III. Slim, double-breasted, in a strong, masculine black. Combined with the lightly striped white shirt and the off-black patterned tie,...more

Saying Hello to Spring In Color

We are still feeling a little chilly during the early mornings and late nights here in L.A., but mostly we are lucky enough to embrace the beautiful Spring environment. What can I call this outfit besides a very colorful Spring...more

Brand to Watch: The Kooples

When the Kooples shop in shop opened in Saks, I could not have been happier. In fact, I think the 5th floor is easily becoming my favorite floor. Well, between that and the 7th, because you never know.more

Refashion: From Cape to Dress

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; when life gives you a closet full of capes, make dresses.more

2 Fresh Ways to Dress Up for Valentine's Day

While Valentine's Day looks are typically focused around red and pink pieces, we both opted for bright, white dresses instead. We then added pops of color with our accessories for a look that's chic but still festive.more

What to Wear to Work | Black + White Edition

Today's outfit is a perfect example of adding "pizzazz" to your outfit and getting rid of the "winter office blues".more

How to Wear Persimmon

I don't think "orange" would be the correct color to name this blazer. Its much prettier than an orange. We have a giant persimmon tree in our backyard and the color of the fruit is exactly the same color as...more

Striking A Balance

It can be challenging to strike the right balance between winter & spring. This combination is the ideal transition outfit for this time of year - the length of the skirt provides more coverage and even though the top is...more

Go Monochromatic with Your Favorite Color

Looking in my closet, I see a lot of pink and feminine pieces; not only do I enjoy looking at them, but it styling much easier when I set up an outfit like today.more

Trendy Over Effortless

I often get asked how to look stylish or what is in trend right now or what should we wear this season. The point is not to look trendy, but to look effortless, that has always been my philosophy.more