Things We Love

Pineapple Print Trending at Miami Swim Week

I was ecstatic when I found this bag to wear during swim week, and I was even more excited when the swimsuits at the Tori Butch preview matched me!more

Man Repelling Or Simply Fantastic?

What my mom considers “man repelling” I consider fantastic; I’m referring to these trousers. Fitted at the high-waist and floats down to a wide-leg – how can you not love the comfort?more

NYC Trip Diary

These are so far my favorite pictures from New York! Actually, New York and Paris are the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been. Any random corner looks fabulous as a backdrop for a photoshooting!more

Get the Monochromatic Look In Creams

Gotta love a good monochromatic look – and cream is a great way to do it for summer.more

High-End Urban Wear Brands That Do Sporty-Meets-Tailored Perfectly

This sporty-meets-tailored outfit is, essentially, another way of saying that there shouldn't be any rules on how to wear or style particular items.more

The Epitome of Summertime

Chokers, flowers, jeeps and palm trees. Nude lip liner, eye liner, staked bracelets and barely there tops. These things are the epitome of summer time for me.more

Miami Swim Week- Wildfox Recap

the Wildfox show-- which is always my favorite show-- was nothing short of amazing. it was fun, light hearted and filled with pastels, florals and flirty sayings!more

Summer Bolds to Keep You Walking on Sunshine

I think the only thing brighter than this block was my neon sweater, printed shorts and green bag - because you know, why stop at one bold color in Summer, right?more

Making A Statement at MBFWSwim In A Neon Maxi

Nothing makes a statement like a neon maxi, so when I came across this killer number I knew Swim Week would be the perfect debut – the perfect pairing of fashion + comfort.more

The Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Into A Trend

When a trend emerges that I find myself drawn to & interested in trying out, I always ask myself three questions before taking the plungemore