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Six-Pack-Saturday: July 28th

Humpday Across America: The West

Male Model Humpday finishes its trek across America with the gorgeous men of the West. It's been a wonderful trip from the Northeast, winding to the South, flying over the...more

Six-Pack-Saturday: July 14th

Six-Pack-Saturday: June 16th

MALE MODEL HUMPDAY: Dude, I Wanna Gay Marry You

Flaunt Magazine just came out -- badoom-ching! -- with an editorial celebrating gay marriage, appropriately-titled "Some Dudes Marry Dudes," starring Brian Shimansky and perennial favorite Chad White. Styled by Long...more


The Twitterverse has its fair share of male models hashtagging and Instagramming their lives on and off the runway so this Male Model Humpday we give you the top tweeters...more

MALE MODEL HUMPDAY: Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Male Model Humpday: Ab Fab -- The Best Torsos in the Biz

A good face will get you far, but a good torso will get you a sugar daddy to pay for everything else. Join us, won't you, as we wallow in...more

#NYFW Cheat Sheet: Nautica Spring 2012

Nautica wisely and effectively utilized some of the top male models of the moment to show off their spring 2012 line, inspired by a California road trip complete with surfing...more


Nothing moves product like a nude, nearly nude or at least shirtless male model. Sure, I understand the need when underwear/swimwear is involved, but sometimes the nudity is completely gratuitous....more