Things We Love

Outfit Prepping for the Long Weekend

With 4th of July approaching, and with that a long weekend to enjoy, I thought it would be nice to create a little “Edit” of my favorites to pack for a little city escape.more

#OOTD: Downtown Chic

This is what my wardrobe is build upon too. I wear mostly Zara and H&M clothes – with the exception of some designer pieces I bought in sale, got gifted or borrowed.more

The Ultimate Pearl-Girl Style

I love a good blazer. In fact, I like blazers so much that about 30 percent of closet is occupied by them. It's usually much too hot to wear them in Miami, but then again, who said I've never suffered...more

The Power of Red & Finding Your Shade

Finding the right shade of red for your skintone is like finding the perfect pair of slimming pants, what do you do? You buy them in different colors, or in the case of lipstick, in different finishes.more

That 70s Show: The Denim Episode

Chambray is having a huge moment right now thanks in large part to the huge ‘70s revival we’re seeing in fashion. From flare jeans, leather and fringe, to clogs and platforms – boho styles are no longer relegated to the...more

Change Up Your Look with Scalloped Accents

I recently snagged this blazer at Zara and I'm obsessed with it. I've styled it open here but I'll also style it buttoned up with a lace cami underneath and black skinny pants. I definitely recommend if you're on the...more

Simple Geometry for the Perfect Weekend Uniform

Back in my favorite weekend uniform, i.e. a pair of distressed jeans, oversized shirt and fun heels. Funny, but of all the things I wear, this particular combination is the one I feel most comfortable in.more

Ms. Clio

Tuesday evening I readied myself for this glamorous event in the less-than-glamorous office bathroom, commandeering all the outlets for my hair appliances and changing from my workwear to a long gown byCostello Tagliapietra.more

Mother’s Day Memories Recalled With Coach

It’s so different than all the other watches I own – such a feminine timepiece with an elegant industrial edge. I am often asked to describe my style, and that’s the phrase I like to use: Feminine, elegant with a...more

Undercover Habitué of Beauty Junkies

I’ve never really considered myself a beauty junkie or the makeup-obsessed, so my blog never really reflected that aspect of me. However, it really hit me recently that I DO have an obsession. I’ve been living in denial. What?!!more