Things We Love

Simple Geometry for the Perfect Weekend Uniform

Back in my favorite weekend uniform, i.e. a pair of distressed jeans, oversized shirt and fun heels. Funny, but of all the things I wear, this particular combination is the one I feel most comfortable in.more

Ms. Clio

Tuesday evening I readied myself for this glamorous event in the less-than-glamorous office bathroom, commandeering all the outlets for my hair appliances and changing from my workwear to a long gown byCostello Tagliapietra.more

Mother’s Day Memories Recalled With Coach

It’s so different than all the other watches I own – such a feminine timepiece with an elegant industrial edge. I am often asked to describe my style, and that’s the phrase I like to use: Feminine, elegant with a...more

Undercover Habitué of Beauty Junkies

I’ve never really considered myself a beauty junkie or the makeup-obsessed, so my blog never really reflected that aspect of me. However, it really hit me recently that I DO have an obsession. I’ve been living in denial. What?!!more

The Perfect Little Plaid Dress for Plaidaholics

Hi my name is Daniela and I'm a plaid-holic! But honestly…my plaid obsession has reached another level- from shirts, to skirts, dresses, coats…seriously, girl?more

Trending Hues: Baby Blues

When I think of Spring, I think of pastels. I just decorated our home for Easter and I went a little crazy on the pinks, yellows and baby blues.more

Simplify It In Stripes

I love very simple, classy tops that are very laid back and easy to go about your day in. PLUS you can never go wrong with stripes.more

Something Old, Something New

Cindy+Johnny skirt | Chanel shoes | Vintage shirt Shopping for new stuff is always fun, but there’s definitely something to be said for those old clothes items you’ve owned forever,...more

A Sequin Blue Dress

CLOTHES – DRESS: Vintage //  ACCESSORIES – BOOTS: // BAG: Chanel //  Kissing 2012 Goodbye (17) Please, Return To Happiness & Co. (3) My Beautiful City (11) The post...more

NYFW: Sophisticated VS Girly

two of my looks from Fashion Week. Although very opposite, there are two classic silhouettes that stand out when I think of the word feminine and they couldn’t be more different.more