Things We Love

A Dash of Leather

I love a splash of leather. It usually adds the perfect “downtown cool” vibe to a look for me. In this instance I paired a girly floral print tank with this faux leather skirt with zipper details. Mixing the soft...more

Conversation Starters

Just because we are slowly slipping into the fall season, it’s not stopping me from busting out my florals. In fact, I’ve been looking for darker floral pieces that I can wear with sandals now and booties/tights later that will...more

Saying Goodbye to London

The last month working and blogging from London has been so honestly and purely imperfect- that I’m absolutely sure it couldn’t have been more perfect. Stay with me, I’ll explain.more

Shaped In Simplicity

The best things in life come shaped in simplicity. A light tee, some ripped leather trousers and a stroll through one of my favorite places in Switzerland : the old city of Zürich.more

OOTD: Tartan Mini

Dress: Sam and Lavi / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Vintage Chanel / Jewelry: Maria Pascualmore

The Anti Minimalist

I know fashion is moving towards a minimalist route for the fall season, but this girl still can't help but throw in a good pattern from time to time.more

The Naked Truth

This scar hasn’t been visible until today, because I’ve been Photoshopping it. This is not my usual way of doing things, but after my surgery a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to wait with sharing the whole naked truth...more

What to Wear for Downtown Hangin’

Dress: Cameo / Love THIS Shoes: Jcrew Bag: Chanel / Same Idea Sunnies: Celine Photos By: Claire H.more

Everyone Needs A Beauty Edit Now and Then

I’ve ordered some of my favorite summer beauty products, so in case you always wondered what my daily beauty essentials are…more

OOTD: Birds of A Feather

It’s funny how pivotal life events such as a wedding ceremony can help slow life down and magnify what is truly the most important.more