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Oscars Red White and Black

Channing Tatum Named Sexiest Man Alive

In the annual Sexiest Man Alive issue of People Magazine, this year's reigning sexy king is none other than Channing Tatum. The choice makes sense considering he played a male...more

The Hunks Of Nicholas Sparks Do Humpday

After hearing that one of my all time favorite celebristuds, Josh Duhamel will be appearing in the next Nicholas Sparks box office hit, Safe Haven, I couldn’t help but reflect...more

M.I.A. Found: American Shorts by Hot Independent Designer Dude

Leonardo Aguirre doesn't really give a shit about the standard ways of the fashion industry. He gets inspired, he makes a garment, he shares it with the world, and he...more

Magic Mike Humpday

In celebration of the greatest cinematic achievement to explore the world of exotic dancing since Showgirls -- a special edition of Male Model Humpday dedicated to the men of Magic Mike. more

Male Model Humpday: 10 Models Turned Actors

Some models were born to be actors. And some models have no shame and/or gag reflex. Either way, they made the transition from runway or catalog to big screen or...more

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Photo of Channing Tatum's Burnt Bratwurst

Yep, this is it! LINK LOVE: Dlistedmore

QUOTABLE: Channing Tatum on His Burnt Penis

According to Details Magazine, "Channing Tatum's penis is gross." The article goes on to describe it as a "hot dog that's been left too long on the grill. The tip...more

IN CASE YOU CARE: Celebs Love The Grove

Nicole Richie and Channing Tatum shop at The Grove in LA.more

MOMENT OF TOES: Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum discovers the best way to combat Chronic Foot Smell with his toe shoes. Would hate to be around these puppies when those toesies come off. P.S. Tatum, get...more