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7 Steps to a Flawless Daily Makeup Routine

I can truthfully say that I do not wear makeup on a daily basis. But, when I do, its just not in me to cake the products to my face. less is ALWAYS more ladies.more

What's In My Bag- Weekender Edition

This time we're taking a peek inside my weekender bag. Here's how to skip town, when you've only just booked your flight a few hours before...more

What's In My Bag- Work Edition

Over the course of the past few years and some unavoidable trial and error, I like to think I've perfected mine with the right amount of productive necessities and little luxuries that make my trek to Silicon Valley a lot...more

5 Essentials for Lightweight Summer Makeup

When summer rolls around and we're spending many of our days at the beach or outside, the last thing I want to think about is makeup.more