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Throwing back on the blog today to when I was in Vancouver this summer.more

Needles In Hay Stacks - Finding Gems & Deals At The Biggest Makeup Event In New York City

The Makeup Show is a two-day makeup convention held every year in a space the size of a Whole Foods. It has over 85 brands both big names and small. The event is for pro artists only and because of...more

Take A Breather: Light Foundations We Love

We're all informed on how fake tanning can damage our skin, but what about makeup?  We're constantly clogging our pores with foundations and powders without thinking about the consequences.  If...more

10 Terrific Red Lipsticks, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Whether you're ready or not, Valentine's Day is only three days away. No matter if you're doing it up big or making it low key at home, one thing is for...more

VIDEO: 365 Days of Makeup on a Single Face

This is what a year's worth of makeup looks like... on a face. At the same time. Don't try this at home, kids.   Directors Lerner & Sander give model Hannelore Knuts a surreal...more