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Finally, the $90,000 Hermes t-shirt is really not expensive!!!

Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedge Inspiration Came from her Teenage Years

The sneaker wedge (love them or leave them) is arguably the biggest shoe trend since their debut a couple of seasons ago. With every off brand knocking-off Isabel Marant's trademark,...more

American Apparel to Make Fashion Week Debut in Japan

American grown clothing brand American Apparel is making their runway debut not in the United States, but in Japan. Tokyo Fashion Week became an official  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last year and American...more

Chlorine, Sequins, and Michael Jackson: Synchronized Olympic Swimwear in a Nutshell

The 2012 Olympics has been a whirlwind of gold medals, Kate Middleton, rumors regarding the closing ceremony, and international athletic intrigue. One sport that would normally be looked over for it's...more

CollegeFashionista Internship Opportunity!

Style Guru |stahyel gooroo| (noun): ambitious, goal-orientated college student who captures street style photography of fashionistas across his or her campus and creates trend reports based on findings. Synonym: Awesome...more

INDIE NEWSROOM: A&F Stock Plummets After Today's Situation...London Is #1 For Fashion...Coco Rocha is an Irish Dancer?

Kopyfight: The Botkier vs. Kardashian Kollection Shakedown

It seems the Kardashian sisters can't keep their eyes on their own test. Luxury handbag brand Botkier is in an uproar after seeing the resemblance between the "Trigger Clyde" bag...more

Christian's Couture Conspiracy?

Fashionista, operating completely it seems on hearsay, rumours and unnamed sources, purport that this scandal embroiling Christian Dior, John Galliano and at least one Oscar-winning actress might all be orchestrated....more

Enter The Handbag With A Heart Giveaway! & fashion personality Derek Warburton have teamed up to give you the chance to win one of 3 Marais Designs handbags to our most fashionable  readers. Click through to find...more

When Fashion Terms Go Out of Fashion

The New York Times has selflessly taken it upon itself to enumerate 2010's "Worn-Out Fashion Terms" and among the violators are "couture", "statement outfit" and "fashionista." So out with the...more