Things We Love

A Piece of Outerwear That Can Handle Freezing Rain

If you deem the look on my face in the photos above as “painstaken,” it might be because of the “freezing rain.” Though almost poetic in sound, I’d rather not have seen these two words in the weather app for...more

Hello 2015 Goodbye 2014

Dress: French Connection c/o Jacket: Nordstrom  Shoes: Zara Watch: Nixon Hair: Kelly Packer // Also modeling with me Makeup by: Jill Marie  Photos By: Emmy Lowe  Hello 2015 Goodbye 2014...more

Is There Anything More Practical Than A Leather Jacket?

Is there anything more practical than throwing on a leather jacket over anything and/or everything?more

Planning a Look Around Your Favorite RayBan Sunglasses

I love these sunglasses so much, I planned an entire outfit around them. And this is the 3285693 time I've worn this jacket, and it just doesn't get old.more

Balanced Dressing for Momentary Warmth

Brief moments of warmth this fall, despite it being mainly pretty freezing. I can already tell it’s going to be an ugly winter again. Maybe it’s time to consider moving to LA?more

All You Need to Stay Warm & Stylish After Dark

Now that it's officially cooled down in Boston I've been on the hunt for cold weather accessories that can keep me both warm and stylish.more

How-to Style A Glamorous Holiday Dress for Versatile Wear

It’s around this time of year that I start looking for a versatile holiday dress: something glamorous but understated that works for everything from family dinners to a night out.more

Rule Breaker & Trend Maker

Believing there are rules to fashion is one of the most common misconceptions I hear. Fashion, style, trends – its all centered around self expression and individuality.more

Take A Color Risk In the Little Blue Dress

The cousin to black; this sexy, mysterious, dark and edgy color can bring out the same sophistication and intrigue, but with a tinge of freshness. Relying on the LBD is safe, but if you feel like taking a risk, try...more

Brightening Up with Smile Sciences

Ever since having Arrow I have really felt like I need teeth whitening. I have been using this kit from Smile Sciences and I am beyond thrilled about the results!more