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Coachella, the French Connection Way

Spent the weekend at Coachella for the first time ever – and boy was it even crazier than I imagined! So much awesome music, but there was only time for that at night.more

Festival Style Doesn't Have to Mean Tank Tops and Headdresses

One Dapper Street shows us his best street style looks from Coachella 2015, with nary a headdress in sight.more

Coachella Vibes: What Does Festival Style Mean to You?

I’m packing some awesome clothes thanks to French Connection. But as usual, I’m putting my own spin to what “festival style” means to me. A little less indie and a little more clean, but still with some girly and dessert-y...more

The Seasonal Challenge for the Dark Wardrobe Obsessed

Spring is on its way, but blogger Anthony Urbano isn't ready to give up his monochAs much as I’m excited to transition into a new sartorial season, I’ll miss my layers but welcome the challenge of incorporating dark colors into...more

Apartment Hunting in Style

Almost forgot about this one: one of the looks I wore while we were still apartment-hunting a little while back. But y’all know that that story had a happy endingmore

Comfort Without Sacrificing Style

I’m going to share one of the most important secrets you’re ever going to learn for wearing clothing – comfortable doesn’t need to be messy or un-styled.more

A Piece of Outerwear That Can Handle Freezing Rain

If you deem the look on my face in the photos above as “painstaken,” it might be because of the “freezing rain.” Though almost poetic in sound, I’d rather not have seen these two words in the weather app for...more

Hello 2015 Goodbye 2014

Dress: French Connection c/o Jacket: Nordstrom  Shoes: Zara Watch: Nixon Hair: Kelly Packer // Also modeling with me Makeup by: Jill Marie  Photos By: Emmy Lowe  Hello 2015 Goodbye 2014...more

Is There Anything More Practical Than A Leather Jacket?

Is there anything more practical than throwing on a leather jacket over anything and/or everything?more

Planning a Look Around Your Favorite RayBan Sunglasses

I love these sunglasses so much, I planned an entire outfit around them. And this is the 3285693 time I've worn this jacket, and it just doesn't get old.more