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Coffee Talk with Maggie Stephens Interiors

I first discovered Maggie Stephens Interiors when I pinned one of her images to my Pinterest board. I wanted to do a “get the look post” with this image and...more

Get The Look: Maggie Stephens Interiors

I recently came across this picture online from Maggie Stephens Interiors. One of the main reasons I was drawn to this image was mostly because how clean and airy the...more

How to Mix Prints Like A Pro

I call this the cupcake birthday skirt because one, I feel like a cupcake everytime I wear it. It has little wires woven into the fabric which makes it extremely structured. You can make it poof exactly how you want...more


The Season Staple: Blazers

Whether you're heading to the bright lights of New York City (like me!) or visiting quaint museums across Europe, a blazer is ideal for this summer.more

Movie talk: The Great Gatsby + How to get the look!

The 20's style is particularly appealing when it comes to beauty; so why not listen to Mr. Gatsby and try to 'repeat the past'?more

Nasty Gal is Skipping the Prom

Cat ears and leather harnesses? I'm in. [12 Images]more

Say Cheese! Gloria Baume

Gloria Baume, directora de moda de Teen Vogue, en un look de colegiala a la salida del desfile de Chanel en la semana de la moda de París. Me gusta...more

Swagger Jackin' Tom Brady

Last week football player and Gisele's baby daddy, Tom Brady, stepped out in Boston looking pretty fly. We took it upon ourselves to dissect the key elements of the outfit and show...more

Get Kanye West's Leather Pants Dropping Look

Since it's the first day of our music month we've decided to focus this  inaugural Get This Men's Look post with one of the biggest names in music, Kanye West.  ...more